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"Art Fish"

London, Ontario

I'm a middle aged guy who is stuck with the brain of a 20 year old. Single with 2 kids in University to keep me poor.

Where I like to SWIM the net.

Major Geeks, fix your computer with lots of free software downloads.
Metric Conversions
Fish Art or Art Fish. - Whats the diff
The Amazing Fish Cam - Fish Fish Fish ?
More Internet Fish Stories This is a giggle.
The Homework Homepage Hey Kids so Mom and Dad can't help with homework, check this out.
The adoptee skip tracer. Looking for a birth parent?
SueOnline *Sue somebody, OnLine*
Toronto Maple Leafs homepage
Zen stories to tell your neighbours
Case Law research Canadian Legal Information Institute
Who's on First The classic routine by Abbott and Costello
Discovery Channel Canada
Hypertext Webster Interface

This many nerds have dropped by..
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Life's a Fish and then you FRY !

I FISH therefore I am.

A Fish never loses their smell.

Whats a Fish Fry ?.. eggs dummy !

Does a Fish carry Grouper Insurance ?

Catch and Release !!!!

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